Services Offered


ULTA Research Services LLC offers marketing opinion research and recruiting services to clients nationwide and across a wide spectrum of industries, including consumer studies, mock trials, medical product messaging, in depth interviews, in home studies and business to business studies.

Recruiting Services

Our client focused approach means we work with our clients to recruit respondents that meet the goals of the project and not just fulfill the quotas.  Our recruiting team focuses on maintaining a database of high quality respondents to participate in opinion research studies.  Each respondent is personally interviewed via telephone  prior to being placed into any project to ensure the respondents meet the needs of the study.  Our database management tools allow us to screen out past-participants, and to track no-shows and problem respondents .  Our team has extensive experience recruiting small and large qualitative projects on a local and nationwide scale.

Project Management

Our team can help you manage your opinion research exercise by providing hostesses, notetaking services, ensuring product delivery, coordinating equipment rental, facilitating respondent payments and other project management services you may require.

Coordinate Facility Rental

At ULTA Research Services LLC, we partner with high quality facilities locally and nationwide to ensure your project’s needs are met.